Are You Waiting to Hear if You’re Eligible for MIPS?

If you’re a physician, chances are you’ve been hearing more and more about MACRA and/or the Quality Payment Program (QPP) and MIPS in your publication subscriptions for months.  It seems every day there are articles, studies, whitepapers, and loads of advice.  Yet still, halfway through the second year of the QPP, there remains a world of confusion.  How does the…

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Preliminary Feedback Data for MIPS Now Available

The data submission period for the 2017 Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) closed on April 3, 2018. CMS is currently in the process of reviewing all the data submitted. We would like to thank all of the clinicians who submitted their data, as well as the qualified clinical data registries, qualified registries, EHR vendors, and other organizations that submitted 2017 MIPS data on behalf of clinicians.

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Your QPP Reporting Experience Sought

I often talk to our Registry clients about their long-term plans and goals for CMS’s Quality Programs… some procrastinate, some plan to hire a person, or people, just for data entry, others plan to upgrade their EHR (or get on to an EHR in the first place) to make reporting an easier task… And lastly, some practices, mostly small or solo practices, are trying to decide if they can make up the difference by seeing more patients to offset the downward adjustment imposed by CMS by not reporting. This last statement, while shocking, is where a true problem lies – if providers are deciding not to participate in the program because it is too burdensome – how will we get a program like QPP off the ground?

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Final Days of Submission… Is your EMR Vendor Maximizing MIPS Performance?

Admittedly, the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is confusing, and when it comes to data submission too many seem to take the path of least resistance. Submitting data through an electronic medical/health record (i.e., EMR/EHR… hereafter EMR) while seemingly “easy” has potential pitfalls. Here are few quick thoughts to ponder in this regard;Limited MIPS quality measures available: EMR vendors are…

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Optimize MIPS Scoring for Your Practice*

Learn how MIPS scoring works in 2017, and make it a money-saving game with better patient outcomes.

To fulfill requirements of the federally-regulated Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) track of the Quality Payment Program (QPP), you need to know what data to report; how to report; how long to report; and on which providers to report. Then, you must figure out how your practice scored so you can anticipate a negative or positive payment adjustment.


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