Learn more about how Patient360’s intuitive software platform allows ACOs to perform the necessary aggregation to fulfill eCQM/CQM submission requirements.

ACO Reporting (eCQM/CQM) with Patient360

Beginning in 2021, the APM Performance Pathway (“APP”) submission method allows MIPS APMs to submit three eCQM/CQM measures as part of their Quality category reporting, moving away from the legacy Web Interface measures. eCQM/CQM submission under APP requires data completeness on denominator eligible patients across all payers, and across all systems.

Enter Patient360.

Patient360’s intuitive and easy to use software system allows ACOs to perform the necessary aggregation to fulfill this new requirement by leveraging scoring engine insights to optimize data and identify gaps.

Subject matter experts are available to provide support for ACO groups to analyze their data before submitting data to CMS at the close of the QPP reporting year.

Contact us below for more details, or email Sales@Patient360.com.

APM Performance Pathway Reporting

Aggressive PMPM pricing based on Medicare beneficiaries


  • Data Acquisition through API, sFTP, drag and drop, and direct upload
  • Data Aggregation across EHR’s meeting APPs eCQM/CQM APP requirements
  • ACO-level analytics as well as TIN-level, and NPI-level analytics to give insights and identify gaps
  • Comparison against MIPS benchmarks for Score Calculation
  • API Data Submission to CMS via the APP for 3 eCQM/CQM measures
  • Year -over-year comparisons as program participation progresses

** Promoting Interoperability data is only submitted at the individual and group level, not the APM Entity. Patient360 can submit PI data on behalf of individuals and groups covered under a separate contract.
** all MIPS APM participants who report through the APP in 2021 will automatically receive 100% for the improvement activities performance category score and do not need to submit additional improvement activities information.

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