What is a QPP Qualified Registry?

A registry, such as Patient360, is simply a mechanism of reporting QPP data. Here are some tips to determine if you should report via registry.

Is my practice able to report via registry?

Eligible Providers can choose to report via registry mechanism. Check your eligibility here.

Learn more about reporting requirements in the CMS Resource Library.

If you are an ACO/APM, you will likely be reporting your data via web interface. P360 can assist and submit your web interface measures for you.

Why should my practice choose to report via registry?

If you have determined that you are eligible by reviewing the above requirements, here are the reasons you SHOULD report via registry:

  • Access to more measures than any other mechanism of reporting (web interface, EHR, submissions, claims). Patient360 has access to over 240 measures PLUS 7 of our specialized QCDR measures.
  • Real time feedback on performance via analytic tools AND P360 dashboard
  • Participate in national benchmarking performance calculation and feedback. This can be used to help improve your quality of care, avoid negative payment adjustment, and be eligible for BONUS.

How do I pay for my subscription?

  • For MIPS reporting, a one-time annual fee per provider is charged and a contract is signed. We have an easy to use electronic signature and payment platform.
  • Contact our Sales Department to begin the process.

How can I submit my data to Patient360?

Any of these 3 EASY options!

  • Enter directly into P360 portal
  • Upload templates, QRDA III and/or use combination of P360’s API
  • Data integration via CCDA, HL7, and QRDAIII files available upon request and based on your EMR system and accessibility*

Can I get help to understand the program?

Yes! Below are a few helpful resources to get you started:

Do you offer specialized advice for my clinic?

If you are looking for specialized one on one consultation, please contact info@patient360.com and our staff will provide you with our consultation contract, rates and policies.

measure mechanism

*Additional fees may apply