Empowering Value Based Care: Tandigm Health's Transformation From Web Interface Reporting to eCQM/CQM Reporting

Streamlining Healthcare Delivery and Enhancing Population Health Management

Tandigm Health, formed in 2014, is at the forefront of value-based care and population health management. Their goal is to improve people’s individual and collective health by enabling clinicians to drive change and lead the transformation of healthcare delivery to a team-based population health model. This commitment has helped the company grow to a robust team of over 260 employees with 30% clinicians, underlining its dedication to healthcare delivery.

Tiara Swindell, Senior Director of ACO Operations at Tandigm Health, has successfully guided Tandigm’s Accountable Care Organizations’ (ACOs) growth and network expansion with a focus on both strategy and operations. Tandigm’s model fosters partnerships between primary care providers, specialists and delivery systems, creating a coalition of providers who come together voluntarily to provide coordinated, high-quality care to the patients they serve. Through the framework of population health management, Tandigm is working to reshape primary care by prioritizing a team-based, patient-centered approach, preventative measures, and cost-effective care delivery.

Tandigm’s journey toward healthcare delivery transformation has not been without its challenges. As the healthcare landscape continually evolves, innovative solutions are required to maintain momentum. In response, Tandigm pioneered the shift from Web Interface Reporting Option (WI) to Alternative Payment Model Performance Pathway (APP) reporting. Tandigm stands out as one of the first 37 ACOs for the 2022 performance year to adopt this forward-thinking approach.

After a thorough evaluation, Tandigm selected Patient360 for its unmatched blend of cost-efficiency, value, quality, and functionality. Its clean compliance record, adherence to regulatory standards, and delivery of reliable, precise data sets Patient360 apart from competitors. Importantly, the user-friendly system reduces the need for provider intervention, allowing for a greater focus on patient care. Patient360’s dedication to collaboration and timely support mirrors Tandigm’s approach, aligning well with their priorities and making it an ideal choice for population health management.


Implementing effective programs requires a reliable ACO registry reporting system, making the adoption of the Patient360 solution for APP reporting a pivotal decision. Patient360, known for its comprehensive features and user-friendliness, significantly streamlines the reporting process, enhancing data management precision and operational excellence.

It offers substantial time savings, reduced administrative efforts, and greater data accuracy, thanks to its advanced technology and seamless integration with existing systems. This not only simplifies reporting but also empowers organizations with actionable insights, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Patient360 successfully supports Tandigm’s efforts by helping to navigate the challenges of value-based care and population health management. Key partnership benefits include:

  1. Streamlined Quality Reporting: Patient360 aggregates data from multiple EMRs, simplifying eCQM/CQM reporting.
  2. Cost and Time Efficiency: Tandigm has dramatically improved its cost and time efficiency by adopting Patient360, a transformative move that automates and streamlines operations, such as chart reviews, audits, and CMS submissions. This shift significantly reduces labor resource requirements while also minimizing errors, leading to lower operational costs and improved data management. These efficiencies allow Tandigm to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks, facilitating faster decision-making and improved healthcare delivery.
  3. Enhanced Data Management and Flexibility: Patient360 allows Tandigm Health to manage data efficiently, while adhering to CMS requirements.
  4. Supportive Partnership: The collaborative relationship between Tandigm Health and Patient360 ensures responsive support and effective problem-solving.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Patient360’s responsiveness to feedback enables Tandigm Health to adapt quickly to evolving healthcare needs and regulatory requirements.

These points illustrate the significant impact Patient360 has had on Tandigm Health, supporting its goal to enhance care delivery and improve health outcomes through innovative and cost efficient population health management solutions.

“Everyone at Tandigm enjoys working with the Patient360 team and appreciates how responsive they are to our questions and needs. We've referred them to quite a few of our clients who are looking for new tools and solutions.”

—Tiara Swindell, Senior Director of ACO Operations

Tandigm Health

Client Profile

Tandigm Health

  • Type of Organization: A population health management company with three Accountable Care Organizations that empower physicians across multiple specialties to succeed in value-based care and population health.
  • Staff: Mission-driven community of over 260 dedicated employees with 30% of workforce who are clinicians operating within a dynamic matrix environment.
  • Target Customer: Tandigm supports both independent primary care providers in their efforts to deliver personalized, patient-centric care while maintaining their autonomy, as well as integrated delivery systems committed to the principles of value-based care.
  • Location: West Conshohocken, PA


  • Enables Efficient Value-Based Care: Patient360 facilitates access to aggregated patient data.
  • Offers Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Solution: Patient360 helps reduce the time and manual labor of data submission.
  • Facilitates Growth and Scalability: Patient360 helps manage quality reporting and data aggregation for a growing number of providers, including both independent practices and hospital systems.

Patient360 Solution

  • Enhanced Quality Reporting supporting all eCQMs/CQMs/Medicare CQMs
  • Nationally recognized Subject Matter Expertise
    Trusted Advisors with dedicated implementation and support teams
  • Founding CMS Qualified Registry and QCDR
  • Flexible data acquisition options to collect data from disparate EHRs


  • Aggregates and monitors information from different EMRs across ACOs efficiently, supporting regulatory requirements and CMS submissions.
  • Transitions away from the more labor-intensive and costly web interface reporting, making the process both more cost-effective and efficient.
  • Offers flexibility in managing quality reporting in a way that suits providers’ needs, coupled with supportive customer service that aligns with Tandigm’s mission and culture.
  • Simplifies the process of submitting data, allowing for effortless validation and submission of performance metrics via user-friendly platform, which conserves considerable operational resources.
  • Facilitates the onboarding of new ACOs and ensures providers have access to various value-based care arrangements.