October 4, 2017
Manchester, Maine

Patient360 (P360) is proud to announce that 100% of our clients were successful in their 2016 PQRS submissions.

Having been in the registry business for well over a decade, we are pleased with our track record but must work each year to not only help clients optimize performance but even to learn whether they were successful. 

We are sometimes asked how we “know” clients were successful. The answer is simple. Quality Net’s search tool allows anyone to see how they performed. This link affords access to a simple report to view your status after you’ve entered a NPI/TIN combo.

Interested in learning more about your results even if you were not a P360 client in 2016?  Here are some helpful and free tidbits on how to access your results, especially if you want higher-level detail:

  • CMS has now provided 2016 PQRS results as well as QRUR reports to access now
  • Extra Help: Having Trouble Accessing Your Report? Click here
  • Join the October 19th CMS Call on QRUR Reports to better understand your scores from 2016

Even though 2016 PQRS results seem like something of the past with the new sheriff in town Quality Payment Program (QPP), there are commonalities and differences. Commonalities: over 200 quality measures have been carried over, and while the scoring is different, knowing your score in 2016 and how you performed should most definitely impact your choices under the Quality Payment Program. Differences: of course, success in 2016 reporting does not automatically assume optimal performance in 2017 since some quality measures have changed and the program does roll up MU and VBM into one new program, but the relationship between reporting years is still important to understand. If this seems overwhelming, a P360 staff person is just a phone call or email away, so please be in touch today!

About P360:

Patient360 is one of the longest operating registries and has been vetted by CMS for over 10 years in a row. P360 is a physician-owned and operated registry that strives to help practices improve quality, increase incentives, and avoid negative payment adjustments from CMS. Patient360 is also a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) specializing in Orthopedic Neuromuscular and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Chiropractic, Physiatry, Physical and Occupational Therapy Podiatry, and Sport Medicine. Patient360 is able to report on all registry measures and provides support to all specialties. Contact us now.