It is important for Patient360 to talk about M4B: The easy way to report MIPS data.  Are you a physician or other healthcare provider that gets paid more than $3,750 annually from Medicare Part B?

If you answered “YES” you should report your MIPS data with Patient360’s MIPS for Beginner (M4B) program.

Here’s the Breakdown:

$3750               Medicare Part B Payments (Obviously, most providers are paid much more but this is the breakeven number for M4B.)

$149                 Cost per provider for M4B reporting 

-$150               Annual loss if you fail to report in 2017 ($3750 X .04 = $150)

Let’s say your numbers are larger…

$400,000         Medicare Part B Payments (Not uncommon for a 4-provider practice)

$149                  Cost per provider for M4B reporting

-$16,000         Annual loss if you fail to report in 2017 ($600,000 X .04 = $16,000)

If you are required to participate in MIPS, but do not submit data, 2019 Medicare payments will be at 96% of what you could have been paid, a -4% payment adjustment on all payments in 2019. 

Reporting your MIPS data with Patient360’s M4B Program is incredibly simple. It takes just a few minutes as it requires data for just one of your patients!

Here are the 5 steps you’ll need to take.

1.     Sign up on the Patient360 website

2.     Enter your provider and clinic information

3.     Select 1 MIPS beginner measure (we’ve preselected measures that many providers use often)

4.     Add your encounter (simple information from 1 patient. You may add up to 20 encounters if you’d like)

5.     Submit your data to CMS

Give Patient360’s MIPS for Beginners program a try, there is not much to lose and plenty to gain!