It sounds like it might be too good to be true, but Group Reporting under the Quality Payment Program is an important thing to understand. Under the QPP and the MIPS program, in 2017, any practice with more than 2 providers can use group reporting by submitting data on JUST TWO PROVIDERS! If you have 10, 30 or even 100+ providers under your TIN, successfully reporting on just two (in their specialities) can avoid a penalty and potentially result in a partial or full bonus. Group Reporting is an excellent way to go!

To be clear, the practice’s QPP success is determined by those two providers; i.e., those two perform well, and the whole practice benefits, but a negative performance means the whole practices loses. Chose your providers well, and everyone will be happy!

Despite this tremendously positive situation that CMS has created (or provided to us), the other providers in the practice that benefit from Group Reporting should still optimize real-time reporting and compare specialty specific measures to keep up to speed with how their clinical data compares to their peers. That’s the intent of the QPP and basis of the quality reporting program since inception.