2017 Patient360 MIPS prices will be increasing effective November 17th. You have an opportunity to get in on the last few weeks of 2017 pricing…. Don’t worry, they aren’t going up by much, but why not get in at the lower pricing now?!?

Patient360 MIPS prices will bump up to $349. Signing up with Patient360 as your CMS Qualified registry means you can count on us to submit your data to CMS. SIGN UP NOW!

Why Choose P360?

  • One of the original 16 registries vetted by CMS for reporting
  • Physician owned and operated
  • All specialties, all registry measures
  • Prompt, customized, and efficient responses with great detail to clinical knowledge
  • Consulting and preventive auditing available
  • Awarded QCDR status for 2017
  • Customization available