MIPS Reporting for Practice Perfect EMR Users
Ready, Set, Go:


1. What is MIPS reporting?
2. Am I required to report?
3. Should I report?
4. What do I need to do?

5. Why Registry and not Claims?
6. Why Patient360?
7. How much does it cost?
8. How do I get started?

What do I need to do? Get started in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Choose Measures

Step 2

Monitor performance
on the dashboard

Step 3

Make adjustments
to clinical behavior within your practice to increase score

Why use Registry and not Claims?

Group Reporting Available Yes! No
More Measures 200+ 65 (only PT)
Available end-to-end electronic bonus Yes! No
Real Time Performance Dashboard & Analytic Tools Yes! No
Flexible start date for MIPS Reporting Yes! MUST report through the year
Data Integration Yes! No
Electronic Reporting Yes! No (paper claim codes required)

How much does it cost?

Practice Perfect has negotiated a highly-discounted rate for their customers:


per clinician per year including:

Reporting on all applicable categories

Dashboard and portal

Data integration with Practice Perfect

Data validation and submission to CMS

Why Patient360 vs. “Those Other Guys”?

Patient360 is the preferred MIPS reporting partner for your EHR.

Patient360 was carefully chosen after an exhaustive comparison of leading MIPS reporting vendors. Unlike other non-preferred alternatives, Patient360 has a performance comparison dashboard.

  More Measures to choose from with over 240 measures and 23 measures for PTs.

  All FOTO Registry Measures are included and available to report with Patient360.

  5 new 2019 MIPS Measures available for MIPS reporting through Patient360.

  • Quality ID #469: Average Change in Functional Status Following Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery
  • Quality ID #470: Average Change in Functional Status Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Quality ID #471: Average Change in Functional Status Following Lumbar Discectomy Laminotomy Surgery
  • Quality ID #473: Average Change in Leg Pain Following Lumbar Spine Fusion Surgery
  • No ID yet: Falls: Screening, Risk-Assessment, and Plan of Care to Prevent Future Falls

  Practice Perfect built-in integration means that your data will seamlessly be imported into the Patient360 portal.

  Coordinated help desk support avoids the common problem of getting lost between two vendors when there is a problem.

  Performance Dashboard is included to track and maximize year-over-year performance. With an intuitive and easy to use dashboard, viewing your MIPS data and time-of-service performance could not be easier.

  Future-proof. Non-PT practices have steeper reporting requirements than PT practices. (i.e. PI and cost categories). Patient360 already supports these requirements which are expected to be included in future years for PT.

  Price! A highly reduced rate has already been negotiated for Practice Perfect users!

How do I get started?

To enroll for the MIPS program or learn more, please fill in the form below and a customer service representative will contact you to assist: